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Wellington Twilight Meeting & Industry Tour 2024

Monday July 15, 2024

Wellington Soil & Crop Improvement Association is sponsoring a twilight meeting and tour for the members of the Wellington and Waterloo SCIAs.

6:30 pm – tour of Cribit Seeds, 265 Katherine St South, West Montrose (1km south of Winterbourne)

Quentin Martin from Cribit Seeds will provide a tour of their spring cereal plots and discuss their barley operations as far as markets and opportunities for growers is concerned. Visit Cribit Seeds’ website for more information on the farm and their operations.

7:45 pm – tour of Winterose Farms (Dennis & Helen Martin), 1220 Lundy Road, Westmontrose

The Martins have a Solar Tracker. This was part of the Green Energy program in 2009.  Dennis will discuss how he got into the program and the pros and cons of entering into the contract.  He will also talk about the economics and risks of the solar tracker and will discuss and update us on the future of his roof top solar project.

There will be donuts and cold drinks served at the Martin farm. Email Linda McFadden using the button below to register (not required but we’d appreciate knowing the numbers for the refreshment order).

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